We're a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people get started in the workplace:  Job Training for Life!

Humboldt Sponsors help again!
Many thanks to the hardworking members of Humboldt Sponsors for supporting youth in our community. This year they generously granted funds to replace our thrift store's aging computer system. Read more >

Thank you T.J.Maxx in Eureka
Special thanks to those wonderful folks from T.J.Maxx who helped us update and reorganize our thrift store July 2015. If you have not been in lately, please visit to see all the changes!

Voted Best of Humboldt four years in a row!
Angels of Hope Thrift Store won Best Secondhand Store again this year. That makes 4 consecutive wins—2010-2014. Thanks to all you North Coast Journal readers who voted for our job-training thrift store. Read more >

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IN OUR VIDEO:  Jacqueline Debets, Humboldt County Economic Development Coordinator, supports the effectiveness of YouthAbility job training programs: “Youth who have prior work experience up to age 24 have a greater chance of becoming self-sustaining.”